jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

Actividad integradora_S2_HOW WAS IT?_ "Mi Mundo en otra legua"_ MODULO SIETE

How was it?

1.    – When did it happen the last time that they fought Spaniards and Mexicans for Mexican independence? R= were it several battles, but the last was the September 9, 1829.

2.    – Where did it happen? R= in the port city of Tampico.

3.    – What were the reasons of this battle? R= the Spanish monarchy wanted to reconquer Mexico.

4.    -  Who commanded the Spanish army? R= Brigadier Isidro Barradas.

5.    -  Who commanded the Mexican army? R= General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

6.    -  How did it happen the strategy called ravaged city, that implemented by the Mexican government? R= That the women tampiquenas cleaned all fruit trees, they closed wells and cisterns which provided them with clean water and they destroyed all the drugs that they possessed, leaving the city completely depopulated and desolate.

7.    - When the Spanish army invaded the city of Tampico? R= the August 5, 1829

8.    - Where he established his headquarters the Spanish army? R= The Spaniards established their headquarters in a house on what is now the historic center of Tampico

9.    - What did it happen during this fight? R= Due to lack of food, water and yellow fever spread by mosquitoes, the Spanish army began to suffer,  and they were weakened. On September 9, 1829, it entered a hurricane, causing great inundation, taking advantage the Mexican army to go into battle on the night of September 10 to take the fort of the bar. This bloody confrontation forced the Spanish army to surrender the morning of September 11 opposite the Mexican troops who served with courage and boldness. This was the last attempt by the Spanish crown to reconquer Mexico

10.  - How did it call to this event? R= this event is known as the Victory of Tampico, because thanks to this it was consolidated our National Independence